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Boston Eyes offers a range of high quality lens designs to meet all your customers’ vision needs.
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Introducing AugenSOL Photochromic Lenses, a unique combination of Augen High Definition lens design technology and the most advanced photochromic hard resin optical material available today.
Now you can offer every patient the benefits of patented Augen High Definition optics in an affordable, high-performance photochromic material.
  • Gets dark exceptionally fast outdoors – nearly sunlens dark in just 12 seconds
  • Provides 100% UVA/UVB protection on both front and back lens surfaces
  • Extra-dark tint rivals the light protection offered by sunlenses
  • Fades quickly to barely noticeable tint indoors for clear, translucent lenses


Nu Polar

The market leader in prescription polarized sunwear

When light is reflected it can become polarized and form "blinding glare," visual noise that interferes with the real image. The results can be uncomfortable or even hazardous. Only polarized lenses block blinding glare, providing both visual comfort and safety.

Here’s why NuPolar sets the global standard for polarized lens

NuPolar lenses perform better than competition in many crucial tests of polarizing efficiency, heat stability, film adhesion, color stability etc. NuPolar lenses are available in more colors, styles and materials to fit your life than any other Rx polarized lens.


A new lens category designed with drivers in mind

Today our lives are influenced by the automobile, which has changed the way we experience the outdoors. We need a third category of lenses in our modern, automobile-centered world. Drivewear®.

Drivewear lenses uniquely combine two of the most advanced technologies found in the eyeglass industry today: Transitions® Photochromic Technology and NuPolar® polarization.

Drivewear® Transitions® SOLFX™ lenses are the first photochromic lenses to darken behind the windshield of a car, allowing Drivewear to change color based on current driving conditions in order to enhance the driver’s vision. In addition, Drivewear lenses are polarized to block blinding glare, another distinct advantage when driving a car.


The future of eyecare

Trilogy® is the first lens to offer impact resistance plus ultra lightweight and thinness without compromising optical performance.

Clear Vision, Safety & Lightweight

Trilogy lens material also offers superior impact resistance. It exceeds the FDA requirement for impact resistance. Due to the superior strength of Trilogy, it makes a great choice for today’s stylish eyewear frames, many of which require drilling or grooving the lens. Trilogy lens material from Boston Eyes also blocks out 100% of harmful UV rays.


Award-winning progressive design with the widest range of options

The award-winning IMAGE® progressive has been rated favorably in recent independent studies. IMAGE boasts one of the widest distortion free distance zones in the industry, and is available in the widest range of materials, treatments and colors available.

Several independent studies have ranked the Image progressive lens among the best in the industry. This is in part because Image's award-winning design has one of the widest distortion-free distance zones in the industry, without compromising on the intermediate and near zones. And the Image progressive lens is available in more lens materials and treatments than any other single progressive. With so many options, Image can be put into nearly any frame, from small frames with a narrow fitting height to drilled rimless to sporty wrap frames.


Advanced performance for healthy sight

Clearer, darker, faster to activate and faster to fade back, Transitions VI lenses offer significant improvements over previous generations. Younger Optics has a complete line of Transitions lenses, including many specialty products found nowhere else.

Transitions lenses are the first lenses to earn the American Optometric Association (AOA) Seal of Acceptance for UV Absorbers/Blockers and the first to receive the World Council of Optometry (WCO) Global Seal of Acceptance for Ultraviolet Absorbers and Blockers based on the WCO's scientific testing protocol. Additionally, Transitions lenses meet internationally recognized standards for UV blockage, including ANSI Z80.3, ISO 8980-3, EN 1836 and AS/NZS 1067.

HD Progressive

Boston Eyes High Definition Progressive Lenses

Boston Eyes High Definition progressive lenses are created from molds produced with our proprietary free-form process, ensuring each lens delivers the exact characteristics intended by our design team. Eye care practitioners can prescribe with confidence, knowing every lens provides wide, clear, natural vision regardless of prescription.

HD Single Vision

Aspheric and Double Aspheric Lenses

Most aspheric lens designs do not provide the benefits of asphericity in higher Rx's which means approximately 1/3 of the single vision market has not been able to get a flatter lens with improved optics.

Boston Eyes uniquely solves this problem with our patented aspheric technology. Asphericity is normally calculated for the radius and then rotated around the lens surface, causing any induced cylinders to have their axis change across the surface. This results in only a limited area of clear vision in the center of the lens.

Patented Boston Eyes aspheric lens technology calculates asphericity across the diameter of the lens along two meridians, and then applies the calculation across the surface. As a result, any induced cylinder or astigmatism has the same axis direction, giving wearers a wider, clearerfield of vision.

Bi Focal

Flat Top 28

Boston Eyes manufactures FT 28 Bifocal lenses, corrective lenses with two different powers for presbyopic patients with myopic and hyperopic corrections as well as astigmatism.

Through our own research and development, Boston Eyes has advanced the current technology in bifocal lens manufacture to create lenses that are more aesthetically pleasing while still providing a reliable, high quality visual solution for patients.


Impact Resistant Material

Originally created for military applications, Trivex is an advanced urethane based polymer that overcomes the limits of other lens materials, providing superior lightness, strength and optical performance.

In Mass Technolory

SunSensors+® lenses

Plastic photochromic technology darkens to a uniform depth across the exposed surface of the lens.

All plastic photochromic lenses will gradually lose their darkening and lightening ability due to UV exposure. Because the photochromic molecules of in-mass lenses are throughout the material, when UV degrades some of the molecules, the others step up to replace those lost. This creates a longer-lasting, more consistent color lens. In addition, SunSensors+ lenses provide 100% UV protection.

1.50 Hard Resin

Optical Monomer

High Index 1.56


In the optical industry, index of refraction is used to measure the attributes of each lens material that is manufactured. Higher index materials feature a higher refractive index of light, enabling lenses to be thinner and lighter than those made from standard plastic.

When a material has an index of refraction of 1.50 or less, the light needs to travel farther through the material to achieve the desired refractive effect, resulting in lenses that are thicker and heavier and, in higher prescriptions, creating the unattractive Coke bottle effect.

Boston Eyes high index 1.56 is a thinner and lighter material with superior optical performance, providing a slimmer lens profile and more wearer comfort without sacrificing good optics.